The crowd expectantly awaits the mysterious surprise, which the mechanical temporal gadget facing their eyes is about to give them.

A peculiar crew who have just arrived from a journey through time, land in front of our eyes and show us the opportunity to travel in time for a reasonable price. To do so, they will make a display of their best decoys and their amazing circus acts. However, today is not a typical day in their routine as street vendors as manipulating time has its own consequences. A show for all kind of audiences.



  • Promo Oopart
  • Promo Oopart Calle
  • Work in progress - Nave del duende 2015


Street Photos


Artistic Team

Authors: Antonio J. Gómez and Cía Tresperté

Direction and Creation: Antonio J. Gómez

Original Music: Iván Monje

Scenography: Carlos Monzón and En Ascuas Forja

Cosrumes: Laura León

Actors: Carmine Piccolo, Luis Ayuso, Claudia Ortiz and Paco Caravaca

Lighting Design: Almudena Oneto

Production: Cía. Tresperté

Video: El Árbol Boca Abajo

Photos: Lucía Brito and Juan Antonio Cárdenas

Collaborations: Niño de las pinturas and Flo Guerin