Three minutes remain until the beginning of the show, please have a seat, switch off your mobile phones and be ready to enjoy a peculiar and tender story in which nothing is what it seems to be.

Three acrobats, an antique radio and a great dose of humour is sure to delight all kinds of audience.

Every little move must be executed perfectly, but we will soon discover that the tension of the live show brings their emotions to light. Jealousy, passion, love… raw feelings running high which will lead us to the conclusion that…. ¡SOMEBODY HERE IS UNWANTED!

A spectacular way of performing circus that won´t disappoint you.

A silent show for the whole family.

A Circus & Theater show for all kind of audiences.






1º Award “Tafalla Va de Calle” (2011)
4º Award “Certamen Jóvenes Artistas de Calle de Mollina” (2011)
1º Award “Muestra Artes Escénicas Granajoven” (2012)
1º Award “Gianni Damiano” del Festival Lunathica (2012)
2º Award “Festival des Artistes de Rue Vevey” (2013)
3º Award “Certamen Noctívagos” (2014)

Artistic Team

Author: Cía. Tresperté

Direction: Antonio J. Gómez

Acrobatic technique: Miguel Moreno (Bolo)

Scenography: Cía. Tresperté

Costumes: Cía Tresperté y Marisa Pascual

Actors: Carmine Piccolo, Luis Ayuso, Claudia Ortiz y Paco Caravaca

Light Design: Luis Ayuso