A short history

with grate achievements


The creation of the company happens in 2011 during its members’ training process at the International School of Theatre and Circus Arts CAU (Granada, Spain) where Claudia Ortiz, Carmine Piccolo and Francisco Caravaca first meet and decide to work together as an acrobatics trio.

Later, a fourth member, Luis Ayuso, joins the company as a clown and a technician and it is at that point where they start to develop their first show: “Somebody is unwanted here” whose premiere was held in La nave del Duende (Cáceres) in February of 2013. This show will be awarded several prizes like: Tafalla Va de Calle (Navarra), Certamen de Jóvenes Artistas Callejeros (Málaga), Premio Granajoven (Granada), Premio Giani Damiano (Italia), Pave d’Argent in Festival des Artistes de Rue (Vevey , Switzerland) and the third prize in Certamen Noctivagos (Oropesa).

With this show, Tresperté have traveled round Europe to countries like: Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria and Germany and they have taken part in the most cutting-edge festivals of Spain and Europe such as: Fira Tárrega, FETEN, Fira Trapezi, TAC Valladolid, Umore Azoca Leioa, Feria de Palma del Río, Fira Bisbal de la Empordá, Circolmedo, Circada, Imaginarius (Portugal), Kulturbourse (Freiburg, Germany) …


In the year 2014, they add the Korean Teeterboard to their circus elements, which together with Acrobatics and Clown are still their power on stage. Under these conditions, their second show “Oopart: out of place artifact” is first staged at the Teatro Alhambra in February 2016, establishing the company as one of the most important circus companies of the Spanish contemporary circus scene and leading them to a quantum leap in their career. In less than a year, they have given more than 50 performances at the most popular festivals in Spain: Umore Azoka, TAC Valladolid, Palma de Rio, FETEN, Fira del circ al Carrer (La Bisbal d’Empordà) and FIET Baleares.… Moreover, they have been part of European arts fairs and have closed their tours in countries likeKorea, Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Austria, The Nederlands and Portugal. Oopart has been the most awarded show in the PACA Prizes. Furthermore, in 2017, Iván Monje recives the award “best original music FETEN” for his work in this project

In 2016 they also decided to take part of the project “Ludo Circus Show” with other companies of the south of Spain and start also touring with this show.

In 2018 Oopart is still succeding, and it win the Audience Award in Malabharía (Canary Islands). Then, the show travels to Germany and OOpart is awarded in th Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg, with the Best Street Show.

The company is still training circus and theater for future works.


  • Luis Ayuso
  • Claudia Ortiz
  • Paco Caravaca
  • Carmine Piccolo (Angelo)

Luis Ayuso

In 2006, during college, he made his first incursions into the world stage, being trained in clown with Antón Valen and participating in the show El circo de la ciencia of Cia. La Escalera de Tijera.

After finishing his university studies, obtaining the title of Engineer of Telecommunications, he decided to turn his life and his professional life and he enrolled in the circus school and CAU Granada Theater in 2010, where he met the other members of the company. Therefore, if anything characterizes him, it is his versatility and ability to learn quickly.

In the circus school he focused on 2 main areas: theater with professionals like Antonio J. Gomez (El Gran Dimitri), Alessia Desogus, Emilio Gollanes and Larisa Ramos and juggling with Jose Luis Ruiz (Belga). After completing this training, he continued to work with this company. He started performing as musician and actor, playing accordion in the version for galas of Somebody here is unwanted. Later, when the company decided to take the step of developing a 50 minutes performance, he is included as an actor and technician of sound and light.

Besides continuing to work, he doesn’t forget the need of training and decided to leave to Paris where he continued his studies with Philippe Gaulier theater in 2013.

Nowadays he is part of both casts shows of the company, the above mentionedSomebody here is unwanted and Oopart, and he keep learning and training in addition to photography work, web design and video-edition.


Claudia Ortiz

She started in the showbiz in 2004 with Karlik Dance Company where she got training in contemporary dance and also did some contributions for the staging of the company. During that period she also got involved in in the family company, Titereatro, as a pupperteer and did several replacements in many performances.

Then, during 2008 she met the circus, and after finishing college, began getting trainings and courses in several disciplines, especially air, until the year 2010 when she decided to enrol the CAU-Circus School of Granada. In this school she specialized as an agile acrobat in a trio group and here is where she met the partners with who a bit later they will stablish the company Tresperté.

Moreover, during that year she studied a master in Performing Arts at the University Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid simultaneously with the Circus School and she graduated in 2011.

During 2013 Claudia was working with the company Vaivén Circus while replacing the acrobat during the winter tour. Later, in 2014 she started with her fellows Tresperté training on the teteerboard, technique that they discover by themselves and trained in an autodidact way and also through courses in Belgium, place of the development of this technique. Currently she is still training and learning news techniques, and at the same time she is acrobat and producer of the company.


Paco Caravaca

He started in the professional world in 2006 as part of the cast of actors and artists of the company “La Carpa Theater“. In this company he performed several shows, where he incorporated his knowledge in circus techniques such as juggling, acrobatics and balances.

His passion for the circus and juggling led him to train with internationally well-known artists among which include Miguel Solano “Mirco” who is specialist in Numerology and circus technics (Japan), Lorenzo Mastroprieto in handling hats (Italy), Mikel Ayala in handling and creation (Country Vasco), “The caneca” in aerobatic exercises (Basque Country) and Antonio Benitez “Antolio” in siteswaps and music (Argentina) among others …

In 2010 he began his professional education in the circus performing two years in Urban Arts Center “CAU” of Granada. There he specialized in juggling with José Luis Ruiz “Belgian” and as carrier with Miguel Moreno “Bolo”. After the training period at the school he continued his acrobatic training at the University of Granada physical education, with Acróbatos club specializing in tumbling and trampoline. After several years of training teeterboard he decided to professionalize with specialists by carrying out several courses in Madrid (Spain) with Eduardo Lucas and in Belgium with Benjamin Eugene (Circo del Fuego).

In his theatrical training include passing hand of artists such as: Antoino J. Gómez (The Great Dimitri) Clown, Emilio Goyanes Physical Theatre (Laviebel), Adrian Swartein theater and circus (Circus Ronaldo), Pepa Diaz Clown ( the Ullen) and Paca Barrera street Theatre (Els Comediants)

Also mention your training in the world of dance with teachers like Celia Sako (Japan), Omar Meza (Mexico), Take Araujo (Brazil) and Fernando Hurtado (Spain) among others …


At school, with his teammates Luis Ayuso, Carmine Piccolo and Claudia Ortiz founded the company Tresperté Circo Teatro, where he has the role of artist and manager. In this project they all are involved since years, full of success and visiting and performing in the most important stages in Europe where they have been awarded nationally and internationally.


Carmine Piccolo (Angelo)

His beginnings toke place long time ago, in 2006, when he decided to travel to Spain for the first time. This trip would not be for long. Of course, but he did not know that once he started this path, he could not go back.

His training began around 2007 when he decided to start in the art of “failure” with Alexandre Coelho, clown and director. Immediately he got involved in creating labs with groups and communities and then he brought that to the stage. This process culminated with the creation of a solo piece entitled “Marcheseggiando”, and he performed in several countries around Europe: Italy, France, Switzerland and Spain. That was the moment that he felt he wanted more and moving further.

In 2008 he started training in a acrobatics that belongs to INEF (Granada) with Miguel Marquez. That same year he won an Italian television show, “La Botola” where he received first prize with a number of juggling, the result of 7 years of self-training, and the he pushed himself to travel to Spain.

In the year 2010 \ 2012 he enrolled in the School of Circus of Granada (CAU) and it was the beginning of a comprehensive training and a development of other capacities such as clown, actor, and that brought him to specialize in acrobatics and Chinese pole. As culmination of a process and a result, the Company Tresperté Circo Teatro was born with a fascinating comedy entitled “There is someone missing”, which traveled all around Europe such as Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Portugal.

After traveling and performing through all these years, he came back to training and in 2014, Carmine decided to adopt a new challenge: the “Korean teeterboard”. For this reason he traveled to Madrid and there he toke some courses with Eduardo Lucas Muñoz in the Circus School of Carampa. Furthermore, he moved to Belgium for a short period of time to continue training. When he came back, he merged with a fusion of acrobatics and teeterboard, and he ended up with fresh and innovative results that finally toke into life the new show entitled “Oopart– A Story of a Setback”. This is a very ambitious project and we can even consider it as the great performance of the company Tresperté.

At the same time, Carmine is also involved in the production of another show entitled “Ludo”, along with seven other great Andalusian artists.